Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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VALENTINE, LEWIS EDWARD (1893 -1986),Baptist minister, author and Welsh nationalist .

VAUGHAN family of Bredwardine, Herefordshire .

VAUGHAN family, of Tretower Court, parish of Llanfihangel Cwm-du, Brecknock .

VAUGHAN family, of Trawsgoed ( Crosswood), Cards.

VAUGHAN family of Corsygedol, in the parish ofLlanddwywe, Mer.

VAUGHAN family of Courtfield, Herefordshire .

VAUGHAN family, of Hergest, Kington, Herefords.

VAUGHAN family, of Porthaml, parish of Talgarth, Brecknock .

VAUGHAN family, ofGolden Grove, Carms.

VAUGHAN family ofLlwydiarth, Mont.

VAUGHAN family ofClyro, Rads.

VAUGHAN family, Pant Glas ( Ysbyty Ifan —

VAUGHAN, ARTHUR OWEN (Owen Rhos-comyl ;1863? -1919), adventurer and author ;

VAUGHAN, EDWARD (d.1522), bishop of S. Davids .

VAUGHAN, EDWARD (d.1661), Master of the Bench of the Inner Temple .

VAUGHAN, EDWIN MONTGOMERY BRUCE (1856 -1919), architect .

VAUGHAN,Sir GRUFFUDD (d.1447), soldier ,

VAUGHAN, HENRY (1621 -1695 ); poet ,

VAUGHAN, HERBERT MILLINGCHAMP (1870 -1948), historian and author ;

VAUGHAN, JOHN (d.1824 ; DWB , 1005).

VAUGHAN,Sir JOHN (1603 -1674), judge ;

VAUGHAN, JOHN (1663 -1722),Derllys Court, Carms., social and religious reformer ;

VAUGHAN, JOHN (1871 -1956), general ;

VAUGHAN, RICE ( DWB , 1005).

VAUGHAN, RICHARD (1550? -1607), bishop ;

VAUGHAN, ROBERT (1592? -1667),antiquary, collector of the famous Hengwrt library ;

VAUGHAN, ROWLAND ( c. 1590 -1667), of Caer-gai, Merioneth,poet, translator, and Royalist ;

VAUGHAN,Sir THOMAS (d.1483),soldier, court official, ambassador, chamberlain to the prince of Wales .

VAUGHAN-THOMAS, LEWIS JOHN WYNFORD (1908 -1987),broadcaster, author and public figure .

VAUGHAN, WILLIAM HUBERT (1894 -1959), railway guard and chairman of the Welsh Land Settlement Society ;

VILE, THOMAS HENRY (1882 -1958), rugby player ;

VINCENT family.

VIVIAN, HENRY HUSSEY (1821 -1894),, industrialist and patentee of metallurgical processes ;