Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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AIDAN , a 6th cent. saint .

Known also as Aidus , Maidoc , and Madoc . His ‘Life,’ as preserved in Cotton. Vesp. MS. A. xiv at the British Museum and as printed in Colgan 's Acta Sanctorum , reveals Aidan as a saint connected chiefly with Ireland . His youth was, however, spent in south-west Wales , where he was a pupil of S. David , and where his name has been preserved in church appellations and place-names. Traditionally close links joined Ireland and Wales in the Age of the Saints . Tales of miracles performed by Aidan during his association with S. David are related in his ‘Life,’ which states too that he crossed into Wales to revisit his former tutor at a later period of his life. Rhygyfarch 's ‘ Life of S. David ’ describes further miraculous episodes in which Aidan was involved, and in the composite ‘ Life of S. Cadoc Aidan ( Maidoc ) is stated to have been present at that saint's altercation with king Arthur . S. Aidan is commemorated on 31 Jan. in all the Irish martyrologies.


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Hywel David Emanuel, M.A., (1921-70), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959