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BEVAN , BRIDGET (‘ Madam Bevan ’; 1698 - 1779 ), philanthropist and educationist .

The youngest daughter of John and Elizabeth Vaughan , Derllys Court, Carms. She was christened 30 Oct. 1698 at Merthyr church by Thomas Thomas , the rector . Noted as patron of the Welsh circulating schools , she must have known Griffith Jones , Llanddowror , from girlhood, as her father was organizer of S.P.C.K. schools in Carmarthenshire from 1700 to 1722 and Griffith Jones was in charge of schools at Laugharne ( 1709 ) and Llanddowror ( 1716 ). Moreover, Griffith Jones became connected by marriage with the Vaughan family, he and Richard Vaughan , Bridget 's uncle (d. 1729 ), marrying two sisters, Margaret and Arabella Philipps of Picton Castle, Pembs.

On 30 Dec. 1721 Bridget m. ARTHUR BEVAN , barrister-at-law , Laugharne . Bevan became recorder of Carmarthen borough , 1722-41 , and a Member of Parliament , 1727-41 . In May 1735 he was appointed Judge of Equity in South and North Wales . He was the executor of the will of Sir Richard Steele . He d. 6 March 1743 , aged 56, and was buried at Laugharne church . (The date of his death is given by most writers as 1745. )

Derllys Court in Bridget Bevan 's early days was a centre of religious and educational life. Her rector in 1700 wrote a letter to the S.P.C.K. , advocating the erection of a charity school in every parish in Great Britain . It was natural, therefore, for her to be interested in the work of her father and pastor , and she founded at least two schools of her own at Llandilo Abercowin and Llandebïe . She exercised great influence on Griffith Jones , and when he began his Welsh circulating schools , sometime between 1731 and 1737 , she became his chief patron and adviser . Between 1732 and 1738 he wrote 175 letters to her, 94 of which have been published. Sometime after the death of his wife in 1755 , Griffith Jones went to live at Mrs. Bevan 's home at Laugharne , where he d. 8 April 1761 , bequeathing to her the funds of the schools and his private fortune, totalling £7,000, with instructions to carry on the circulating schools. This she did very successfully until her death in 1779 ; indeed, the year 1773 with its 242 schools and 13,205 pupils was the most flourishing in the history of the movement. She bequeathed £10,000 for the continuation of the schools, but her will was disputed by two of her relatives who were also trustees, lady Elizabeth Stepney of Llanelly and Admiral William Lloyd , Danyrallt , Llangadock . The whole fund was placed in Chancery , and remained there for a period of thirty years, having in the meantime accumulated to over £30,000. In 1804 the money was released and devoted to the educational purposes intended by Mrs. Bevan , but in 1854 the schools then set up were absorbed into the system of the National Society . The Welsh circulating school movement had come to an end.

Besides being a patron of the Welsh circulating schools , Madam Bevan was interested in most of the religious, philanthropic, and educational movements of her time. She d. 11 Dec. 1779 and was buried at Llanddowror church on 17 Dec.


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Dr Mary Clement, Ph.D., Llanelli / Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959