Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BLEDDYN FARDD ( fl. 1268-1283 ), one of the bards of the independent Welsh princes .

Thirteen of his odes are preserved in the Hendregadredd MS.

He sang chiefly to the sons of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn ap Iorwerth and to the chieftains of Gwynedd , but he has one ode to Rhys ap Maredudd ap Rhys of South Wales . His entire work consists of eulogies and elegies, with the exception of his ‘ Marwysgafn ’ or last confession. The earliest ode by him which can be dated is his elegy upon the death of Goronwy ab Ednyfed (d. 1268 ) , and the latest is his ode to the three sons of Gruffydd ap Llywelyn , after the execution of prince David in 1283 .

The Bleddyn Fardd whose elegy was composed by Cynddelw Brydydd Mawr was a different person.


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Evan David Jones, F.S.A., (1903-87), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959