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BOWEN , JOHN ( 1815 - 1859 ), bishop of Sierra Leone .

Son of Capt. Thomas Bowen of the Court , Llanllawer , near Fishguard ( Fenton , Pembrokeshire , 1903 ed., 312), was b. 21 Nov. 1815 . His father's family (originally from Haverfordwest ) were landowners living at Leweston in Camrose and at Manorowen . His parents removed from the Court to Stonehall , and then in 1830 to Johnston Hall . In 1847 he inherited Milton , an estate in the parish of Carew , from his uncle, William Bowen .

His career, of quite exceptional interest, is sketched in the D.N.B. , on the basis of his sister's Memorials of John Bowen , 1862 . After farming in Canada from 1835 to 1842 , he set his mind on holy orders, took his degree at Trinity College , Dublin , in 1847 ( LL.D. , 1857 ), was ordained in 1846 , and was preferred to a living in 1853 , but devoted himself and his considerable means to missionary work , paying frequent visits to the Anglican missions in the Near and Middle East . In 1857 he was consecrated bishop of Sierra Leone , but d. at Freetown 28 May 1859.


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Dr Bertie George Charles, Ph.D., (1908-2000), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959