Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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BRYCHAN , saint ( fl. mid 5th cent. )

He was the son of Anlach , son of Coronac , an Irish prince , and Marchell , daughter of Tewdrig , king of Garthmadryn . At her father's bidding, Marchell had crossed to Ireland , where Anlach wedded her, and where too Brychan was born. Anlach then returned with his wife and son to Wales , and set up their home at Benni (probably the ancient ‘ Bannium ’ near Brecon ). The education of their son was entrusted to one Drichan . Some years later, Brychan was given by his father as a hostage to Benadel , king of Powys , whose daughter Banadlinet was violated by Brychan and gave birth to a son named Cynog . Brychan eventually succeeded to the kingdom of Garthmadryn , which was then renamed Brycheiniog .

The most notable feature of the Brychan tradition is the large progeny attributed to Brychan and Prawst , his wife. The ‘ De Situ Brecheniauc ’ ( Wade-Evans , Vitae Sanctorum Britanniae et Genealogiae , 313-15), which, together with the ‘ Cognacio Brychan ’ ( Wade-Evans , op. cit., 315-18), forms the main authority for his legend, attributes to Brychan eleven sons and twenty-five daughters, and his family forms one of the three saintly tribes of Wales .

6 April is generally quoted as his feast day.


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Hywel David Emanuel, M.A., (1921-70), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959