Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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CYFEILIOG (or CYFEILLIOG? ) (died 927 ), bishop of Llandaff .

The English Chronicles record that, in the course of a Danish invasion of the west Midlands , he was captured in the region of Archenfield ( Erging ), then, it may be, within his diocese, and carried off to the ships; Edward the Elder ransomed him for the sum of £40. The year is now reckoned to be 914 . He appears as Cimeilliauc in the Book of Llandaf and is there made the recipient of nine grants. Of these, five appear to be of lands in Gwent or its border, at Monmouth , Roggiet , Pool Meyrick , Bishton , and Caldicot , and are the gift of Brochwel ap Meurig , king of Gwent in the age of Asser ; another donor is Hywel ap Rhys , king of Glewysing (now Glamorgan ) at the same period, while the third is Hywel 's son Arthfael .


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Sir John Edward Lloyd, D.Litt., F.B.A., F.S.A. (1861-1947), Bangor

Published date: 1959