Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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DAFYDD ap MAREDUDD ap TUDUR ( fl. 1460 ), of Tregynon, Mont. , one of the less prolific poets of the second half of the 15th cent.

His compositions include eulogies of Hywel Colunwy (not of Hywel ap Siencyn ), Dafydd Deuddwr , Watcyn ap Tomas ap Rhoser , and Dafydd ab Owain , abbot of Strata Marcella (q.v.) , and poems of a religious nature. It appears from the contents of ‘ Tebic ywr byd kyngyd kaeth ’ that towards the end of his life he became blind .


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Rhiannon Francis Roberts, M.A., (1923-90), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959