Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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DAVIES , WILLIAM ( Gwilym Teilo ; 1831 - 1892 ); man of letters, poet, and historian ;

b. at Pontbrenareth , Llandilo, Carms. , 1831 . His father was a poet known by the name of ‘ Dafydd Ddu o'r De .’ He served his apprenticeship as a pharmacist , spent some years in Glamorgan following his profession, but returned in due course to Llandilo , where he spent the remainder of his life. He was editor of Yr Oes , 1853 , and for a time, about 1864 , had a share in the editing of Y Cylchgrawn . He was an enthusiastic supporter of the eisteddfod and enjoyed the friendship of Islwyn and Dewi Wyn o Esyllt . He took part in many of the literary and poetic contests and won a number of important prizes. His chief work is his essay on Welsh literature (‘ Llenyddiaeth y Cymru ’), which won him a £60 prize at the national eisteddfod held at Caernarvon in 1862 . This was intended to be a sequel to The Literature of the Kymry by Thomas Stephens , but was never published (the manuscript is now in the National Library of Wales ). He was a frequent contributor to the periodicals of his time, and a novel written by him appeared in Y Byd Cymreig , 1862 . He published his Llandilo-Vawr and its Neighbourhood , 1858 , and Traethawd ar Caio a'i Hynafiaethau , 1862 . A volume of his poetry, Gweithiau Gwilym Teilo , was published under the editorship of Peter Hughes Griffiths (q.v.) . He d. at Llandilo , 3 Oct. 1892 , and was buried there.


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Reverend Gomer Morgan Roberts, M.A., (1904-93), Pont-rhyd-y-fen / St Dogmael's / Llandybïe

Published date: 1959