Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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EDWARDS , JOHN (‘ Siôn Treredyn ’; 1606? - c. 1660? ), cleric and translator .

He himself says that he was born on the banks of the Severn in Gwent ; if he is the John Edwards who matriculated at Oxford , from Jesus College , 30 April 1624 , at the age of 18, then he was from Caldicott ; he graduated B.A. in 1626 and proceeded M.A. in 1629 . According to Alumni Oxon . he was appointed rector of Llanmartin in 1626 and received three other livings — Wilcrick in 1631-2 , Tredunnock in 1633 , and Magor in 1635 , all of them in Gwent . It has been suggested by some that here we have two men bearing the same name, but no proof is available. However, there is no doubt that the translator held the living of Tredunnock ( Tredynog , Treredynog ) and that he lost it in 1649 . It is not known when he d. In 1651 he published a translation of Edward Fisher 's Marrow of Modern Divinity , under the title of Madruddyn y Difinyddiaeth Diweddaraf . [It is not certain that Edward Fisher was the author of the Marrow .] ‘ Siôn Treredyn ’ was not certain of his initial mutations, but apart from that the translation is a good one and the translator had a sense of style. He dedicates the book to the gentlemen of Gwent and by so doing he gives us some idea of the state of the Welsh language in that part of Wales in his time.


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Emeritus Professor Griffith John Williams, M.A., (1892-1963), Gwaelod-y-garth, Cardiff

Published date: 1959