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ENDERBIE , PERCY c. 1606 - 1670 , historian and antiquary .

Author of Cambria Triumphans ; second son, according to Lincolnshire Pedigrees ( Harl. Soc. ), of Thomas Enderby , attorney , of Lincoln , and his wife, Elizabeth , daughter of Robert Rusforth , Coley Hall , Yorkshire . Percy Enderbie 's wife was Winifred , sister of Sir Edward Morgan of Llantarnam, Mon. , daughter of lady Frances , daughter of the 4th earl of Worcester . Enderbie lived many years in Wales , learnt Welsh , and became an enthusiast in his admiration for the Welsh nation and its history. In his foreword to Cambria Triumphans , 1661 , written at Llantarnam , he states that he had found much of his material in the library of Sir Edward Morgan , his brother-in-law. His book was intended to show that ‘the manner of Great Britain 's Government was ever princely,’ and to inform the Stuarts of their Welsh ancestry. This book is one of the few sources of information regarding the territorial linguistic boundary in the 17th cent.

In the same year, 1661 , was published Enderbie 's English translation of a work by B. Pererius ( Valentinus ) against astrology. Enderbie had also intended to write a history of Monmouthshire , and had collected much material. Pedigrees, etc., of his compilation were used by David Williams in his The History of Monmouthshire , 1796 , and Sir Joseph A. Bradney states in A History of Monmouthshire that the ‘ Pistyll MSS ’ were probably the work of Enderbie . It is claimed that the pedigrees in N.L.W. MS. 1472 are copied from an earlier manuscript by him. Cambria Triumphans was reprinted in 1810 .

In Bliss 's ed. of Anthony Wood (iii, 994), Enderbie is said to have died in 1670 , and to have been buried at Caerleon-on-Usk . In his family pedigree, he is entered between a brother born in 1604 and a sister born in 1608 .


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David Myrddin Lloyd, M.A., (1909-81), Aberystwyth / Scotland

Published date: 1959