Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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GLASCOTT , CRADOCK ( 1743 - 1831 ), an Evangelical cleric

who also became a minister in lady Huntingdon 's connexion. He was the son of Thomas Glascott of Cardiff ; and Charles Wesley (and perhaps John Wesley and Whitefield ) had stayed at his home — ‘I lodged at Mr. Glascott 's’ ( Charles Wesley , Journal , i, 255, 6 Nov. 1740 ). In the Calvinistic controversy ( 1740-1 ) the Cardiff Society sided with Wesley . Cradock went to Jesus College , Oxford ( Foster , Alumni Oxon .), graduated, and was ordained at Christ Church , Oxford , in 1765 ; he was then appointed curate of Cleverly, Berks. At first he corresponded regularly with Wesley . He became an extreme Calvinist and in consequence was dismissed from his curacy. He was now welcomed by the countess of Huntingdon and for some fourteen years was one of the pillars of her connexion. He was one of her outstanding preachers and opened some of her most important chapels. In 1781 , to her great distress, he broke off formal relations with her connexion (see her letters to him dated 25 Dec. 1781 and 11 Jan. 1782 ). He was appointed vicar of Hatherleigh , Devon , 1781 and remained there until he d., 11 Aug. 1831 . Wesley was bitterly disappointed by his defection and lady Huntingdon even more so. For all that, his evangelical zeal continued to burn to the end.


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Reverend Daniel Williams, (1878-1968), Llangollen

Published date: 1959