Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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GREGORY , HENRY ( 1637? - 1700? ), preacher with the Arminian Baptists .

Gregory became leader of ‘the people of Hugh Evans ’ (d. 1656 ) (q.v.) ; this is substantiated by the report of Henry Maurice (q.v.) in 1675 that he was a teaching elder of the Arminians of West Radnor and North Brecknock who had their meeting-place at Cwm ( Cwm Fardy , tradition says) in the parish of Llanddewi Ystradenny , at the house of Peter Gregory . There is not a word of Henry Gregory having to appear at the Brecon consistory court up to the end of 1668 , but Joshua Thomas has much to say of bitter experiences of his in the years that followed, together with the dire fate that befell his persecutors.


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Thomas Richards, D.Litt., (1878-1962), Bangor

Published date: 1959