Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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GRUFFUDD , RHISIART ( Rhisiart Gruffudd ap Huw ?) ( fl. c. 1569 ), poet and native of Anglesey .

No details of his life are to be found, but some of his poems remain in manuscripts. These include two englynion ( B.M. Add. MS. 14898 (42b) ; Mostyn MS. 129 (324) ; a poem begging the reconciliation of Sir Richard Bulkeley of Anglesey with his second wife, Agnes , in Mostyn MS. 145 (490) . She was accused of having tried to poison her husband; see Angharad Llwyd , History of Anglesey , 143; and another seeking the reconciliation of Sir Richard Bulkeley with William Lewis , also of Anglesey ( Mostyn MS. 144 (508) ). It is not certain whether he is the Rhisiart Gruffudd ap Huw whose poetry is found in Llanst. MS. 49 (93) ; N.L.W. MSS. 5283 (51, 122), and 9166 (251) .


Ray Looker, (Mrs Ray Morgan), Cardiff / Rhymni

Published date: 1959