Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HARRI MASTR or ‘Syr’ HARRI ( 15th cent. ), poet ,

of Kidwelly, Carms. He was apparently in holy orders , but no proof has yet been found to support the statement that he was the parson of Llandyfaelog . His name is given as Harri (ap) Hywel in some manuscripts, including Havod MS. 3 , SyrHarri ap Rhys in N.L.W. MS. 566 , while Cwrtmawr MS. 200 gives him as ( Mastr ) Harri ap Hywel alias Harri Hir . Some of his poetry is found in manuscripts, including poems addressed to Ieuan Tew Brydydd Ieuanc (q.v.) . Two bardic controversies, or ymrysonau , occurred between the two poets, Ieuan 's professed love for a maiden in his old age being the occasion for the first; the second commences with an accusation made by Mastr Harri against Ieuan of taking more than his fair share of the wheat.


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Ray Looker, (Mrs Ray Morgan), Cardiff / Rhymni

Published date: 1959