Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HILEY , FRANCIS ( 1781 - 1860 ), Baptist minister

Born at Cwm , Llanwenarth, Mon. , shortly before 16 March 1781 . His father, who was of German extraction, was nominally an Anglican , while his mother was a Baptist .

One Sunday in 1803 he went to Llanwenarth chapel where he was converted; within a year he had begun to preach . After going to college at Abergavenny he returned in 1811 to Llanwenarth where he remained until his death 14 Oct. 1860 . He incorporated eight churches.

He was a mighty preacher and Christmas Evans said, on one occasion, that he would never preach after him. In the doctrinal discussions of the day he favoured the Higher Calvinism — a result of his sudden conversion — and in 1823 he published a booklet Golwg Ysgrythurol ar Iawn Crist , because the treatise in its original form had been rejected by Seren Gomer .


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Reverend William Joseph Rhys, (1880-1967), Gelli, Rhondda / Treherbert

Published date: 1959