Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HININ FARDD ( 1360? - 1420 ), a writer of prophecies .

As far as one can judge from the content of the four poems attributed to him, he flourished towards the end of the 14th cent . His work is often associated in the manuscripts with the work of Myrddin and Taliesin , and his poetry belongs to the same tradition as the prophecies they are said to have written. In Llanst. MS. 173 (130b) the form given to his name is ‘ hinyn fardd ’ and in a poem attributed to him in Most. MS. 133 (53) there is a reference to ‘vardd hynaf hinin.’ The poets who wrote cywyddau brud owe little to his prophecies, and no reference to him occurs in their work.


Raymond Wallis Evans, M.A., (1910-2001), Swansea / Bangor

Published date: 1959