Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HOARE , Sir RICHARD COLT ( 1758 - 1838 ), 2nd baronet, historian and antiquary .

Details of his career, with lists of his numerous publications, are given in D.N.B. but his association with Wales earns for him a place in this work also. On his first visit to Wales he took the Itinerarium of Giraldus Cambrensis (q.v.) as his guide, publishing afterwards Itinerarium Cambriae, seu laboriosae Baldvini Cantuarensis Archiepiscopi per Walliam Legationis accurata Descriptio, auctore Silv. Giraldo Cambrense Cum Annotationibus Davidis Poweli … ( London , 1804 ) and The Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, A.D. 1188, by Giraldus de Barri, translated into English, and illustrated with Views, Annotations, and a Life of Giraldus (2 vols. quarto, London , 1806 ). He visited Monmouthshire with archdeacon Coxe and contributed sixty-three drawings to Coxe 's Tour , 1801 . When in North Wales he sometimes stayed at Fachddeiliog on the shores of Bala lake (see Richard Fenton , Tours in Wales , 1804-13 , ed. J. Fisher for the Cambrian Arch. Assoc. , in 1917 ). He examined antiquarian and ‘romantic’ sites and made scores of sketches, some of which are preserved in the National Library , as are some of his note books, e.g. N.L.W. MS. 5370 (a ‘Sketch Book’ for 1799 ) and two larger volumes in the Llangibby collection .


  • To the references given above add NLW MSS 821-2, 850-3, 867, and 1805.


Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959