Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HOWELL , THOMAS (d. 1540? ), philanthropist ,

a Monmouthshire Welshman who made provision in his will (written in 1540 at Seville , Spain ) for the benefit of spinsters of his kith and kin in Wales on their marriage. Howell left 12,000 ducats to be handed over to the wardens of Drapers Hall , London , to be by them invested (in the purchase of land in the City of London ) — ‘ … the said Wardeynes … to buy therewith 400 duckats of rent yearly for everyone … the said duckats [to] be disposed unto four maydens, being orphans — next of my Kynne and of bludde — to their marriage … ’ For the subsequent history of this ‘ Thomas Howell Charity ,’ including an account of what happened to the accrued moneys up to the middle of the 19th cent. , see Thomas Falconer , The Charity of Thomas Howell A.D. 1540 ( London , 1860 ); it is sufficient to add that Howell's School , Denbigh , and Howell's School , Llandaff , were established by the Drapers Company c . 1859 — i.e. a little over 300 years after Thomas Howell made his will.


Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959