Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HUGHES , JOHN RICHARD ( 1828 - 1893 ), Calvinistic Methodist minister and celebrated evangelist ;

b. at Tredegar , 1828 , and brought up at Aber-carn, Mon. , son of Nathan Hughes . On his father's side he was descended from [ Evan Hughes , printer ,] one of the ‘Family’ which Howel Harris gathered round himself at Trevecka [see Cylch. Cymd. Hanes M.C. , ix, 40-1], and he had inherited to a considerable extent the devotional and missionary zeal of his line. He started his career as a schoolmaster and for some time kept a school at Goginan , near Aberystwyth . There he dedicated himself to the ministry and, in 1851 , was persuaded by Lewis Edwards (q.v.) to go to Bala College . After a short time spent as minister in Birmingham and at Cemaes, Mont. , he moved in 1859 to Bryn-teg , in Goronwy Owen 's district in Anglesey , where he remained for the rest of his life apart from four years ( 1878-82 ) when he was minister of Armenia chapel , Holyhead . His evangelizing missions took him over the whole of Wales and, more particularly, to the churches supervised by denomination's ‘home mission’ in England and on the border.


  • Y Drysorfa , June 1894 .


Reverend Howell Harris Hughes, B.D., (1873-1956), Liverpool

Published date: 1959