Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HUMPHREYS , HENRY ( fl. 1819-1824 ), harpist ;

the son of Edward Humphreys . He lived at Welshpool at the beginning of the 19th cent. He took second prize at the Carmarthen eisteddfod of 1819 , whilst at the Brecon eisteddfod of 1822 and that held at Welshpool in 1824 , he won the silver harps that were offered. He composed the air called ‘ Holl ieuenctyd Cymru ’ which he published in 1824 , with variations for the triple harp. He was family harpist at Powis castle and it is surmised that it was there that he d.


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Robert David Griffith, M.A., (1877-1958), Old Colwyn

Published date: 1959