Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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HYWEL YSTORM (or YSTORYN) , a clerwr or composer of lampoons in the first half of the 14th cent.

In Mostyn MS. 118 (509) his name is given as ‘Ystoryn,’ but in R.B.H. Poetry, col. 1337 we find ‘Ystorym’ above a scurrilous poem of his to ‘ Adam the tinker .’ G. J. Williams (in Traddodiad Llenyddol Morgannwg , 6-8) attributes to him all the anonymous abusive verse which follows to the end of col. 1348, and on these grounds he makes him contemporary with Casnodyn (q.v.) — see col. 1341, 1. 42. If all these verses are his, he sang his lampoons to various men in North Wales from Anglesey to Maelor , and to others in Glamorgan .


David Myrddin Lloyd, M.A., (1909-81), Aberystwyth / Scotland

Published date: 1959