Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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IEUAN ap HUW CAE LLWYD ( fl. 1475-1500 ), one of the minor poets of the 15th cent. ;

son of Huw Cae Llwyd (q.v.) , born in all probability in Brecknock . He did not write much in the way of poetry and, as he himself avers, laid ho claim to being a great poet . In 1475 he accompanied his father to Rome . He sang the praises of Sir Thomas Vaughan (see under Vaughan of Bredwardine ) but it is obvious that his poems are, for the most part, mere exercises and that he was not as competent a poet as his father.


  • Leslie Harris , ‘Huw Cae Llwyd ac eraill’ (dissertation for the degree of M.A., University of Wales, 1933 ).


Leslie Harries, M.A., (1901-88), Llaneurgain, Flintshire

Published date: 1959