Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JAMES , CHARLES ( 1820 - 1890? ), musician ;

b. at Llanilar, Cards. , 11 July 1820 . His father conducted the singing in the church , where the boy was given the opportunity of developing his gift for singing . He had a good voice, and a London gentleman offered to find him a place in his church choir, but the offer was declined by his parents. He was given some lessons by Richard Mills (q.v.) of Llanidloes when the latter passed by on his periodic tours. Two of his airs were published in Caniadau Seion and three others in the Arweinydd Cerddorol . One of his compositions, ‘ Llanilar ,’ appears in the Ceinion , and another, ‘ Bwth fy Nhad ,’ in Y Cerddor Cymreig , no. 36. He lived in London for years and was elected conductor of the Welsh Choral Society . Latterly he lived at Whitchurch , near Cardiff . It is thought that he d. in 1890 , for his name then ceased to appear in the town Directory .


  • M. O. Jones , Bywgraffiaeth Cerddorion Cymreig (1890) .


Robert David Griffith, M.A., (1877-1958), Old Colwyn

Published date: 1959