Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JAMES , JOHN (d. 1705 ), Congregational minister .

He was educated at Ystrad Wallter or at Swansea and ordained at Llan-y-bri , 1688 . He was given £2 by the Presbyterian Board , 16 Jan. 1690 , to encourage him in his work at Crug-glas ( Pantêg ); it is confirmed, in the minutes of the ‘ Common Fund ’ or the Presbyterian Fund Board, 1690-2 , that he was at Crug-glas , that he was a freeholder, and that he had received £1 from his congregation in acknowledgement of his services. He was present at Tirdoncyn , 17 Nov. 1697 , on the day that Llewelyn Bevan was instituted to Cwmllynfell and Gellionnen . According to a report by the churchwardens of Henllan Amgoed , 4 Sept. 1705 , he used to preach to Lewis Thomas 's congregation, a body of Calvinists [see under Owen , Jeremy ]. He d. during that year.


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Reverend John Dyfnallt Owen, M.A., (1873-1956), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959