Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JAMES , JOHN ( Ioan ap Iago ), poet and hymnwriter , who lived in the second half of the 18th cent. and the early part of the 19th ;

there is considerable uncertainty about the dates of his birth and death. He lived in the Cil-y-cwm district of Llandovery and was a carpenter by trade. He never received formal schooling, but through his own efforts became a good scholar , his main interests being history , political economy , and poetry . He turned to religion at an early age, was a member of Soar Calvinistic Methodist chapel at Cil-y-cwm for forty-six years and an elder for twenty-five years. He was generally known as ‘ Jacki Siams .’ He became a fairly well known poet in his day and wrote a number of hymns . In 1828 , after his death, J. Jones of Llandovery published a small volume of his works, Ehediadau Barddonol .


  • Ehediadau Barddonol ar amryw destunau yn cynnwys sylwadau ar Gwymp a Chodiad Dyn, Teyrnas y Cyfryngwr, myfyrdodau ar ryfeloedd, ac amserau caledion a therfysgol; ynghyd ag amryw destunau duwiol a dyddanol ereill (Llandovery, 1828) , 1828 .


Reverend Daniel Evans, B.A., ( -1962), Llandybie / Llandovery

Published date: 1959