Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , CADWALADR ( 1783 - 1867 ), Independent minister and first editor of Y Dysgedydd ;

b. May 1783 at Deildre Uchaf , Llanuwchllyn, Mer. , the only child of John and Dorothy Cadwaladr . His parents were never Nonconformists and were not regarded as particularly devout, although they inclined to the Church of England . He was 11 years of age when George Lewis ( 1763 - 1822 ) (q.v.) became minister at Llanuwchllyn , and it was Dr. Lewis who admitted him to membership of the Old Chapel in 1803 . He began to preach in 1806 and the same year was admitted to Wrexham Academy , at which he paid his own expenses, spending the summer at home on the farm. William Williams ( 1781 - 1840 ) and Michael Jones (qq.v.) were his fellow students for part of the time. In May 1811 he was ordained as the successor of Hugh Pugh ( 1779 - 1809 ) (q.v.) at Brithdir ; ‘his ministry extended from the Garneddwen to Barmouth , and from Bwlch Oerddrws to the uplands of Ganllwyd .’ Cadwaladr Jones gave up charge of Llanelltyd and Cutiau in 1818 , and of Brithdir and Rhyd-y-main in 1839 , confining his labours to Dolgelley and Islaw'r-dref until 1858 . After that, and until his death in 1867 , he worked with E. Davies of Trawsfynydd at Llanelltyd and with E. Ellis of Brithdir at Tabor . He was buried in Brithdir cemetery.

He was known as ‘ Yr Hen Olygydd ’ ( the Old Editor ) because he edited Y Dysgedydd from 1821 to 1852 . The first number appeared in Nov. 1821 under the title Y Dysgedydd Crefyddol . Shortly before this he had published a pamphlet, Amddiffyniad o'r Ymneillduwyr, mewn Llythyr at y Parchedig John Elias; yn cynnwys Sylwadau ar ei Lythyr o Ganmoliaeth i Bregethu Mr. Hurrion ar Brynedigaeth , 1821 (see Cofiant John Jones, Tal-y-sarn , 470). It appears that John Elias (q.v.) had made an attack on the Independents because of their doctrines, and this was probably the reason why a number of prominent Independent ministers founded Y Dysgedydd and appointed Cadwaladr Jones as its editor . The periodical became a focal point in the field of theological discussion, and Jones proved a wise and able editor ; for all that, he had a highly individual outlook and a most determined nature (see Ap Vychan , Cadwaladr Jones , 138). Although he was George Lewis 's ‘spiritual son,’ yet, ‘in the next generation he became Michael Jones 's supporter in the battle of the Systems .’ He was a Liberal in politics but was too moderate for some of his fellow-Independents.


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Reverend Richard Griffith Owen, M.A., (1890-1973), Bangor

Published date: 1959