Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , CAIN ( fl. 1738?-1795 ), almanac-maker ;

son of John Edwards (‘ Siôn y Potiau ’) (q.v.) . The date of his birth is not known, but his brother Abel (who became a Baptist minister at Merthyr Tydfil ) was christened at Llansantffraid Glyn Ceiriog , 21 Dec. 1740 , and it may be argued that Cain was senior to Abel . Upon the death of Gwilym Howell (q.v.) , in 1775 , he undertook the editorship of the Welsh almanac Tymmhorol, ac wybrennol Newyddion . He was responsible for twenty issues which were published by Eddowes of Shrewsbury , with the exception of the last, the 1795 issue, which was printed by J. Marsh at Wrexham . There is no record of a later almanac by him. He dabbled in poetry and there is an elegy by him in the almanac for 1783 .

JOHN CAIN (d. 1826? ),

his son, wrote under the pseudonym Siôn Ceiriog . There are letters by the latter in N.L.W. MS. 1891 , verses in N.L.W. MS. 1817 , psalm-tunes in N.L.W. MS. 1932 , a poem giving an account of a drunkard from Cymdu in N.L.W. MS. 6729 , and a poem greeting Edward Bennion , a physician , in N.L.W. MS. 12868 . John Cain Jones is said to have d. in 1826 , leaving a daughter, Leah Evans , a gifted poetess , at Glyn Ceiriog .


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Evan David Jones, F.S.A., (1903-87), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959