Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , LEWIS ( 1897 - 1939 ), communist agitator and author ;

b. in Clydach Vale , Rhondda . He worked at the coal-face in the Cambrian Colliery , 1911-23 , studied at the Labour College , London , 1923-5 , and then returned to work at the coal-face . He was local leader in the General Strike and Miners’ Lock-out , 1926 , and was appointed miners’ checkweigher in 1927 . Soon he became one of the thousands of Rhondda 's unemployed, and led hunger marches to public assistance committees in Bridgend , Pontypridd , and the Glamorgan County Council , and led the Welsh contingents on ‘national hunger marches’ to London in 1934 and 1936 . Jones was elected a member of the Glamorgan County Council , 1934-9 , and of the Welsh Committee of the Communist Party , 1931-9 . He led campaigns in Wales against the Fascist attack on republican Spain , 1937-9 , and d. just after addressing street meetings for Spain at Cardiff in Jan. 1939 . He was a powerful orator with a strong personal appeal, able to arouse emotions, a master of imagery and simple visions of Socialism . In 1938 he wrote Cwmardy , a vivid novel of the famous Cambrian Combine Strike of 1910 — 11 and of the struggle of the miners up to 1926 , and, later, its sequel, We Live , which was published after his death.


  • Personal knowledge.


Idris Cox, (1899-1989), Cardiff

Published date: 1959