Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , MORGAN ( mid 17th cent. ), Baptist preacher in South Wales ;

There were two of the same name, very difficult to distinguish. One is described as of Briton Ferry , baptized at Ilston in 1650 , and the other of Llanmadock in Gower , baptized on 30 Oct. 1653 ; the first is surmised to have been placed by the ‘ Triers ’ in the living of Newcastle ( Bridgend ) in 1657 , the second to have been turned out by the Act of Uniformity from the living of Llanmadock . The Llanmadock ejection depends on the authority of Calamy and his informants, who are incorrect in ascribing his lot to the Bartholomew Act (as a Baptist his position was made untenable by the Act of Sept. 1660 ), and probably incorrect in describing him as an ‘honest plowman ,’ when we remember that he acted as schoolmaster at Llanelly in Restoration days. He conformed by subscribing the Anglican oaths needed for a teaching licence, early in 1662 . What became of the Newcastle minister has not been ascertained. Both Morgans must be carefully distinguished from the Morgan Jones [ 1662 - 1730 , on whom see Joshua Thomas , Hanes Bed. , 104-16 passim ] who loyally and conscientiously ministered to the Baptists of the Swansea - Llanelly district in the first decades of the 18th cent. [c. 1689-1730 ].


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Thomas Richards, D.Litt., (1878-1962), Bangor

Published date: 1959