Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , JOHN OGWEN ( 1829 - 1884 ), Calvinistic Methodist minister and man of letters ;

[b. 2 June 1829 at Tyddyn , Tal-y-bont , L lanllechid, Caern. , and] brought up at Bangor . He was employed for about five years in a merchant's office in Liverpool , but in 1853 began to preach . After spending some time at Bala College he went to London University where he graduated in 1858 . He was ordained in 1859 and was minister of the church at [ Parkfield ,] Birkenhead , 1857-60 . In 1860 he became a member of Chatham Street church , Liverpool , and for some time gave his services to the various churches as an unattached minister . Afterwards, he was minister at Oswestry ( 1867-76 ) and Clwyd Street , Rhyl ( 1876-84 ). He d. 22 Sept. 1884 at the age of 55. He was very able, cultured, a man of philosophical turn, with a wide range of scholarship, and many tributes were paid to his proficiency as a teacher . In 1873 he lectured to the students at Bala on Biblical history and science; these lectures were subsequently published in book form. He was one of the editors of Testament yr Ysgol Sabothol , parts of which he wrote. He also edited Testament y Miloedd and wrote many of the articles in the supplement to the Gwyddoniadur Cymreig . Although troubled all through life by a painful nervousness, his power as a preacher became known the length and breadth of Wales .


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Reverend Richard Thomas, B.A. (1872-1950), Caernarfon

Published date: 1959