Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES (JOHNES) , RICHARD , printer and bookseller in London from 1564 to c. 1602 .

It is not known to whom he was apprenticed, but he was received into the fraternity of the Company of Stationers on 7 Aug. 1564 . R. B. McKerrow , general editor of A Dictionary of Printers and Booksellers in England … 1557-1640 ( London , 1910 ) names six places in or fairly near S. Paul's churchyard where Jones was in business from time to time. He was, in the main, a printer of popular literature , ballads, and such things, although he printed some more substantial works. He received licences from the Company of Stationers to print a Catechism in Welsh , 1566-7 , a ‘ Sonett or a synners solace made by Hughe Gryffythe prysoner ,’ in Welsh and English , 1587 , ‘ Epytaphe on the Death of Sir Yevan Lloyd of Yale knighte ’ (by the same Hugh Gryffythe ), 1587-8 , ‘ Sermon preached by master Doctor Morgan at the funerall of Sir Ieuan Lloyd knight ,’ in Welsh 1588-9 . It is true that no copies of the above appear to have been preserved but that is not definite proof that they did not appear. It is not known how much of a Welshman Richard Jones was, but the motto which appears so often on his books, ‘ Heb Ddiev heb Ddim ,’ suggests that he was at any rate of Welsh stock; [this engraved device of his passed into the hands of Wm. Jaggard , who fraudulently used it on the imprints of eight of the Shakespeare quartos].


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Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959