Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , THOMAS ( 1871 - 1938 ), schoolmaster and antiquary ;

b. 10 Oct. 1871 at Pontrhydfendigaid, Cards. Educated at University College , Cardiff , he became headmaster of a school at Tre-alaw in the Rhondda Valley, Glam. Here he interested himself in local history , particularly in place-name study and folk-lore ; he wrote (in Y Brython ) a series of articles on the folk-lore of Glamorgan . Among his contributions to the Bulletin of the University (of Wales) Board of Celtic Studies are: ‘ A bibliography of monographs on the place-names of Wales ’ (v, 249-64, vi, 171-8), ‘ A bibliography of the dialects of Wales ’ (vi, 323-44, vii, 134-6). He also compiled a ‘ Glossary of the dialects of Glamorgan .’ He d. 21 Jan. 1938 .


  • Personal knowledge


William Rosser Jones, Trealaw

Published date: 1959