Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , WILLIAM (d. 1679 ), Puritan minister ;

Probably Merioneth -born, he first comes into prominence by an order of the Committee for Plundered Ministers settling him at Denbigh and allowing him £100 per annum out of the profits of the rectory ( 1647 ); he acted also as chaplain to the Parliament's garrison in the town; in 1650 he was named as one of the twenty-five ‘approvers’ to work the Propagation Act . In the years 1654-6 his profits were in jeopardy because of the hostile attitude of an Anglican farmer of the tithes, but in 1657 the finance authorities of the Protectorate , the Trustees for Maintenance , allowed him an augmentation of £40 annually. The Restoration threatened both the original grant and the augmentation, but it was in Aug. 1661 that he was effectually silenced as a Puritan minister , under the Act of Sept. ( 1660 ), not under the Act of Uniformity ( 1662 ). Under the Five Mile Act he had to leave Denbigh , and found refuge at Plas Teg, Flints. , the home of the Trevor s of Trefalun (qq.v.) — the father had been a commissioner under the Propagation Act of 1650 and the son was active in furthering Charles II 's design of a Declaration of Indulgence in 1672 ; it is said that land was settled upon him to the value of £20 a year; he was at Plas Teg when a licence was issued to him to preach under the Indulgence of 1672, dated 28 Oct. A few years later he joined the coadjutors of Thomas Gouge (q.v.) in translating religious books into Welsh — the two which he translated were originally written by Gouge himself, and both appeared in 1676 with the titles Gair i Bechaduriaid, a Gair i'r Sainct and Principlau neu Bennau y Grefydd Christianogol . Later he seems to have moved from Plas Teg to Hope , where he d. in Feb. 1679 . His funeral sermon was preached by Dr. David Maurice , a ‘conforming Minister of Abergeley ,’ who also penned a Latin inscription to be placed on his gravestone (this ‘ minister ’ was during William Jones 's latter years vicar of Llanasa, Flints. ; the ‘ conforming minister ’ and William Jones had m. two sisters).


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Thomas Richards, D.Litt., (1878-1962), Bangor

Published date: 1959