Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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JONES , WILLIAM ( 1826 - 1899 ), secretary to the Peace Society ,

as successor to Henry Richard , Tregaron (q.v.) ; son of John Jones , a Ruthin Quaker , and great-grandson of Jonathan Hughes (q.v.) , the bard mentioned by Borrow in Wild Wales . William was educated at Ackworth Quaker School . Later he was appointed head of a commission for the relief of distress during the Franco-German war of 1870-1 . He had discussions with president Cleveland and Li Hung Chang and other statesmen on the principle of arbitration as an instrument of world peace . One of William Jones 's closest friends was John Bright ; others included Oliver Wendell Holmes and the poet Whittier . He d. 10 May 1899 and was buried at Sunderland .


  • Grace Roberts ( Mrs. A. G. Bowen-Jones ) in Y Llenor xxix.


Annie Grace Bowen-Jones, Rhuthun

Published date: 1959