Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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LEWIS , BENJAMIN (d. 1749 ), hymnist ;

of Newport, Mon. Little is known of his life, but in the year 1750 , a year after his death, was published a collection of his works in a pamphlet entitled, Tri Chyflwr y Cristion … a gymerwyd allan o'r Saesnaeg: At ba rai y chwanegwyd ychydig o Hymnau, neu Ganiadau Ysbrydol i ddifyrru'r Pererynion tra fyddont yn ymdeithio trwy Anialwch y Byd presennol ti a'r Ddinas Nefol . This pamphlet of 24 pages was printed in Bristol by Sam. Farley , and is divided into two sections. The first section contains a series of quotations from the Scriptures describing three conditions of man: (1) Pitiable by Nature, (2) Contented through Grace, (3) Triumphant in Glory. The second section contains two sets of hymns. At the end of the first set Lewis 's name appears, but although his name does not appear after the second set of hymns it is more than probable that he was the author . He d. in 1749 .


  • Benjamin Lewis , Tri Chyflwr Cristion (Bristol, 1750) (Bristol, 1750 ).


Dr Moelwyn Idwal Williams, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959