Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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LLOYD , EVAN ( 1764 - 1847 ), Unitarian Baptist minister ;

b. 21 March 1764 at Nevern ; member of Cardigan Baptist church and assistant there to William Williams ( 1732 - 1799 ) (q.v.) . He served in the militia when the French landed at Fishguard , 1797 . He does not seem to have been a General Baptist at the time of the 1799 schism, for in 1801 he was ordained at Ffynnonhenry ( D. Jones , Hanes Bed. Deheubarth Cymru , 423, with Yr Ymofynydd , 1847 , 93), but soon became an Arminian , and left; his own statement (recorded by his son in Yr Ymofynydd , loc. cit.) says that he refused to sign the Particular Baptist confession as a condition of financial help from the Baptist Fund . He now joined the General Baptist cause of ‘ Ty Coch ’ in Cardigan town and (again on his own testimony, loc. cit.) became pastor there and at Zoan ( Pembrokeshire ) — some have doubted this statement, but there is nothing improbable in it. However, by 1808 he was pastor of the two small General Baptist churches of Wick and Nottage ( Glamorganshire ), and was there till his death 30 July 1847 . His name recurs in the Monthly Repository , as attending (and preaching at) General Baptist assemblies , but also as attending Unitarian assemblies . As the latter were open also to ‘ our Arian brothers in the ministry ,’ there is no need to doubt the statement in Lloyd 's obituary notice ( Yr Ymofynydd , 1847 , 48) that he was ‘over 60’ when he became a declared Unitarian . He seems to have been an amiable and highly-respected man — he was on good terms with the local parson. Counting Lloyd himself, his son, a grandson, and another descendant of his, the pastorate of the two churches was in the hands of this family for 120 years, with a break of only five years; other members of the family figure in the annals of other Unitarian churches. The two chapels are still in use — they, and the chapel at Pant Teg ( Carmarthenshire — see under Thomas , William , d. 1813 ), are now the only ‘ General Baptist ’ chapels in Wales .


  • To the sources mentioned add Yr Ymofynnydd , May and June 1931 ,
  • and Trafodion Cymdeithas Hanes Bedyddwyr Cymru , 1930, 1931 .
  • Dates of birth and death are from Lloyd's memorial tablet in Nottage chapel.


Emeritus Professor Robert Thomas Jenkins, C.B.E., D.Litt., Ll.D., F.S.A., (1881-1969), Bangor

Published date: 1959