Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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LLOYD , MEREDITH ( fl. 1655-1677 ), lawyer and antiquary .

He was a native of Welshpool and a kinsman of Robert Vaughan of Hengwrt (q.v.) . He was himself a collector of manuscripts , and is said to have been the owner of the manuscripts of Thomas Wiliems (q.v.) of Trefriw , which he presented to Robert Vaughan . The authority for this statement is the author of the catalogue of the Hengwrt library in Cambrian Register , iii, who cites letters and papers which he had received from a descendant of Lloyd , ‘a gentleman of Radnorshire .’ He also owned the ‘ Vita Sancti Cadoci ’ ( Pen. MS. 385 ), which he lent to Vaughan , who made a transcript of it ( Pen. MS. 275 ), but which the latter either neglected to return or later received as a gift. Letters between Lloyd and Vaughan during the year 1655 have been printed in the Cambrian Register , iii, 301-2, 310-2, and The Cambro-Briton , i, 410-5; there are also two important letters, one written in 1655 , and the other in 1658 , bound with Pen. MS. 275 . This correspondence shows that Vaughan held Lloyd in high esteem and frequently consulted him about his researches. It was he who was entrusted with the negotiations for securing a loan for his friend of the ‘ Liber Landavensis ’ from Sir John Vaughan of Trawsgoed (q.v.) in 1655 . Vaughan had a high opinion of Lloyd 's scholarship and urged him to undertake a study of the Old Welsh laws , for which he was admirably equipped by his legal training and his knowledge of Old Welsh . Another of Lloyd 's intimates was the famous copyist , John Jones of Gellilyfdy ( 1578? - 1658? , q.v.) , whom he visited at the Fleet prison . Among the Wynnstay MSS. in the National Library of Wales there is an interesting letter (C. 102) written in 1677 from Lloyd to a kinsman, William Maurice of Llansilin (q.v.) , the famous antiquary , in which he discusses the contents of the Hengwrt library, and urges its sale to William Williams ( 1634 - 1700 ) (q.v.) , afterwards known as Speaker Williams .’

Robert Owen , in his Short Historical Sketch of Welshpool , suggests that the subject of this article was the Meredith Lloyd of Brynellin , whose name appears among the list of the burgesses of Welshpool , printed in Mont. Coll. , xii, 328, and that he was a descendant of the noble clan of Neuadd-wen . But no evidence to support these claims has been traced.


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Walter Thomas Morgan (1912-90), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959