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MARSH , RICHARD ( 1710? - 1792 ), bookseller and printer at Wrexham .

Richard Marsh m., 12 Feb. 1746-7 , Mary Hurst , Wrexham ; the bridegroom is described in the parish register as writing master . In 1753 he became a bookseller ; in 1756-7 he was one of the churchwardens of Wrexham . When he started printing is not definitely known; Ifano Jones ( Hist. of Printing and Printers in Wales ) disputes the accuracy of the dates assigned to some of his publications by A. N. Palmer (q.v.) in his History of Wrexham and by William Rowlands (in Llyfryddiaeth y Cymry ). He was certainly printing in 1772 , as Cyfarwyddiad i Fesurwyr and Cydymaith i'r Allor belong to that year. Many of the products of his press were of cheap booklets and ballads. He d. 24 May 1792 , and was buried in Wrexham churchyard.

Richard Marsh was succeeded by his son, JOHN MARSH ( 1747 - 1795 ), a skilled printer ; b. 8 Jan. 1747 . The fact that he was called as a witness in the trial of William Davies Shipley , dean of S. Asaph (q.v.) , concerning the publication of a pamphlet in 1783 shows that he assisted his father as printer some years before the latter d. Examples of good craftsmanship by the son are Philip Yorke , Tracts of Powys , 1795 , and William Griffiths , Practical Treatise on Farriery (2nd ed., 1795 ). Like his father, John Marsh served as churchwarden , 1794-5 . He d. 11 Oct. 1795 , and was buried in Wrexham churchyard.

The Marsh business was continued for a short time by M. and S. MARSH who printed John Thomas , Annerch Ieuengctyd Cymru , in 1795 . Before the end of that year, however, the business had been transferred to John Painter .


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Sir William Llewelyn Davies, M.A., LL.D., F.S.A. (1887-1952), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959