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MEURIG ( fl. 1210 ), poet, and treasurer of Llandaff .

The date of his flourishing seems to be fixed by a passage in Giraldus Cambrensis 's De Principis Instructione (dist. iii, cap. 28), in which a soldier-poet long dead is said to have appeared in a vision to Meurig and challenged him to complete a verse which foretold the interdict declared on England in the reign of king John . Giraldus says that Meurig ( Mauricius ) was a Glamorgan man and was a brother of Clement , abbot of Neath . Bale ( Index Britanniae Scriptorum ) also calls him Mauricius Morganensis , and like Giraldus , bears witness to his literary gifts, attributing to him a volume of Latin epigrams and several volumes in Welsh (‘in patrio sermone’). In view of the latter statement it is easy to accept the identification of this Mauricius with Meurig , who was treasurer of Llandaff , and so render the entry ‘ Morus Morgan ’ in Enw F. superfluous. In the Iolo MSS., pp. 622, 638 , this Meurig is said to have been the author of ‘ Y Cwtta Cyfarwydd ’ (probably the prototype of the work of this name written in 1445 by Gwilym Tew , q.v. , and preserved in Hengwrt MS. 34 ), ‘ A History of the whole Isle of Britain ,’ ‘ Book of Proverbs ,’ ‘ Rules of Welsh Poetr y,’ ‘ Welsh Theology ,’ and a ‘ Welsh translation of the Gospel of S. John .’ The date of his flourishing given in Em. W. , 1290 , is much too late.


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John James Jones, M.A., (1892-1957), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959