Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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MORGAN , DAVID ( 1779 - 1858 ), Independent minister and historian ;

b. Dec. 1779 at Dôl-wen , Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn, Cards. ; his father, who was well-to-do, was an Anglican for the greater part of his life but became a Methodist in his later years. David received a better education than was usual in those days and, at the age of 23, went for a short time to a school at Shrewsbury , his intention being to become a merchant . He then went to Machynlleth where he joined John Jones , the shopkeeper , one of the pillars of the Independent church , at whose home on the very first night he met the Rev. John Roberts of Llanbryn-mair ( 1767 - 1834 ) (q.v.) . Many years later, as a very old man, he used to say that the personality of that good man had changed the course of his life. He did not take kindly to a tradesman 's life and within six months had returned home to Dolau , Tal-y-bont , near Aberystwyth (whither, in the meantime, the family had moved), with the intention of becoming a farmer .

He m. Mary Hughes ( 1782 - 1826 ), daughter of the Llwyn-glas household and the two young people went to live at Cerrig-cyrannau where, contrary to the wishes of their respective families, they joined the Independents . He began to preach at Tal-y-bont , which was then under the ministry of Azariah Shadrach (q.v.) . In 1811 he took charge of the churches at Towyn , Llanegryn , and Llwyngwril, Mer. He was ordained in the open air at Towyn , March 1813 , and the following year received a call to Graig , Machynlleth , where he remained until 1836 . During his stay there he established branches at Soar , Uwchygarreg ; Pennal ; Llanwrin ; Penegoes ; and Glasbwll . In 1836 he moved to Gartside chapel , Manchester , and in 1839 to Llanfyllin , where he remained until his retirement in 1857 . He d. at Oswestry 14 July 1858 , and was buried in the Pendref chapel burial ground at Llanfyllin .

His daughter, Ann , m. Thomas Bynner , Llanfyllin , draper , and they had a son, David Morgan Bynner who m. Catherine Jones , daughter of Owen Daniel , Caethle , Tywyn in 1877 (see article on John Daniel Jones) . Catherine's first husband was Joseph David Jones .

He was one of the leaders of his denomination and was a well-known and active Liberal . He wrote a great deal to the Dysgedydd and was one of those who contributed articles to John Roberts of Llanbryn-mair 's ‘ Blue Book .’ But it was as an historian that he came into greatest prominence. His chief work was Hanes yr Eglwys Gristnogol . He also published ten parts of Hanes Ymneillduaeth yn Nghymru , which is mostly the story of the Independent churches , but was unable to complete this work. His other book was a commentary, Esboniad ar Lyfr y Datguddiad, a rhannau o Broffwydoliaeth Daniel .


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Reverend Richard Griffith Owen, M.A., (1890-1973), Bangor

Published date: 1959