Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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MORGAN , PHILIP (d. 1435 ), bishop of Worcester (1419) and of Ely (1426) .

The first reference to him is to be found in the Episcopal Registers of St. David's , 28 May 1398 , where he is styled ‘ doctor of laws and rector of Aberedowy .’ The Papal Letters of 17 Kal. June 1401 , give a dispensation to him, a sub-deacon , not to have himself ordained deacon and priest for ten years. On 6 Kal. June 1405 he, now styled doctor of the canon and civil law , was granted a renewal of a dispensation to hold Llanfeugan as well as Aberedw . On 2 May 1407 he was collated to a canonry in Abergwili and the prebend of Llandegle . From 1414 onwards he was employed extensively on foreign missions and played a prominent part in peace negotiations with France and was the main instrument in securing a renewal of a special truce with Flanders , 1416 . He was made a Privy Councillor in 1419 . As a bishop he was vigilant in putting down clerical abuses. In the autumn parliament of 1429 a suit against the abbot of Strata Florida was referred to him. He d. at Bishop's Hatfield, Herts. , 25 Oct. 1435 , and was buried in the church of the Charterhouse in London .


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Walter Thomas Morgan (1912-90), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959