Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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MORRIS , WILLIAM ( c. 1816? - 1886 ), printer and publisher of books and periodicals of Anglican interest .

According to the 1851 Census he lived at 47 High Street , Holywell , and he describes himself as a bookseller aged 35 employing six workers.

He published Yr Eglwysydd at Holywell from its first appearance in 1847 , and continued to publish this monthly journal at Denbigh after 1860 . He also acted as publisher of Y Cymro , a Church and Conservative weekly paper, in both these towns, and he wrote much of the contents of these publications. He was also a bookseller , and a fluent public speaker in both languages. At Denbigh , where he resided after 1860 , he became a member of the town council , a justice of the peace , and postmaster , in addition to his activities as printer , publisher , and bookseller .

He was twice m., and had three sons and one daughter. His eldest son was canon W. Morris , chaplain to the duke of Westminster at Eaton Hall Cheshire , his second son Rupert Hugh Morris , edited Arch. Camb. , and another of his sons was headmaster of a grammar school in the midlands of England .

William Morris died, after a long illness, on 8 Oct. 1886 , at his home, ‘ Gwilymfod ,’ and was buried in Whitchurch churchyard , Denbigh . O.P.C.S. index to deaths reported Oct.-Dec. 1886 lists William Morris aged 74 of the Superintendent Registrar's District of St. Asaph . It is inaccurately stated in the Baner that he had lived forty years in Denbigh . The Baner also states that he was 85 years old when he d. According to Bye-Gones he was 74.


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David Myrddin Lloyd, M.A., (1909-81), Aberystwyth / Scotland

Published date: 1959