Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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MORUS DWYFECH , or MORUS ap DAFYDD ab IFAN ab EINION ( fl. c. 1523-1590 ), a poet ,

from either Eifionydd or Llŷn who apparently took his name from the river Dwyfech (now called Dwyfach ). He received his poetic licence at the Caerwys eisteddfod , 1523 , but the grade in which he graduated is unknown. Few details are known concerning his life, but it is suggested that he had a close connection with Talhenbont before becoming domestic bard at Cefnamwlch . Apparently restricting his bardic itineraries to Gwynedd , he addressed poems to members of most of the landed families, including those of Cefnamwlch , Clenennau , Ystumcegid , Talhenbont , Plas-du , Glyn Dwyfech , Castellmarch , Llwyndyrys , Bodfel , Glynllifon , Trefeilir , and Gwydir . He also composed poetry (cywyddau and englynion) on various other themes including religious poems, satires, poems addressed to a maiden, one to his own wife, poems in reply to others by Huw Arwystl and also Wiliam Llŷn , one on Caernarvon town and another on Nevin . His will, in the form of a poem, expressed the poet's desire to be buried at Penllech , and, from the elegies composed to him by Siôn Phylip and Huw Pennant , it is evident that his wish was granted.


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Ray Looker, (Mrs Ray Morgan), Cardiff / Rhymni

Published date: 1959