Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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MOSES , WILLIAM ( Gwilym Tew o Lan Tâf , or Gwilym Tew , 1742 - 1824 ), poet ;

b. 1742 at Merthyr Tydfil, Glam. Compelled to work for a livelihood from an early age, he received only seven months’ instruction at school. He strove to educate himself in the art of writing poetry against almost insurmountable difficulties. He was, for example, for the greater part of his life without a Welsh grammar or dictionary; but imbued with a love for his native tongue and inspired by a natural bent he succeeded in writing many creditable verses in Welsh on various subjects. In 1808 he published his first volume of poems and in 1824 , just before his death, a second edition was published entitled Caingc y Gog; neu amryw gyfansoddiadau ar wahanol destunauyn ym cynnwys cynghorion, myfyrdodau, galarnadau, annerchiadau, etc. ( J. James , Merthyr Tydfil ). He d. [27] Nov. 1824 at Merthyr Tydfil .


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Dr Moelwyn Idwal Williams, M.A., Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959