Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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OWEN , FOULKE ( fl. 1686 ), poet ;

a native of Nantglyn, Denbs. There appears to be no evidence as to where he was educated, although it is possible that he went up to Oxford , particularly if he was related (he may have been a grandson) to the Foulk Owen of Denbighshire who graduated there in 1584 . He owned ‘ The Black Book of Basingwerk ,’ an important manuscript of the 14th and 15th cents. , now kept at the N.L.W. ( N.L.W. MS. 7006 ), as he himself testified by inscribing the first leaves thrice with his name and the date ‘ 1686 .’ Very little of his poetry has survived, unless he was responsible for the anonymous poems which appear in Cerddlyfr yr hwn sydd yn cynnwys amryw garolau a dyrifiau o waith amryw awdwyr , which was printed at the Theatre , Oxford , and published by him in 1686 . Only one (imperfect) copy of this work is known today, and that is now housed in the N.L.W.


Dr David Jenkins, C.B.E., M.A., D.Litt., (1912-2002), Penrhyn-coch, Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959