Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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PARRY , RHISIART ( 1665? - 1749 ), poet ;

stated to have been a native of Dyserth, Flints. Examples of his work are found in manuscripts, and also in Blodau-Gerdd Cymry and Y Cydymaith Diddan . Most of his poems are in free metre, and they include religious carols and various ballads. It is not clear whether he is the Richard Parry , school teacher of Ro Wen , who is represented in Bibliog. of Welsh Ballads . It is said that he d. in 1749 at the age of 83, and that he was buried near the north side of Dyserth parish church.


  • Cwrtmawr Manuscript in the National Library of Wales 230 (34);
  • NLW MS 1238 (64);
  • Hanes Llenyddiaeth Gymreig, 1651–1850 (1893) , 181;
  • Geirlyfr Bywgraffiadol o Enwogion Cymru (1870)


Ray Looker, (Mrs Ray Morgan), Cardiff / Rhymni

Published date: 1959