Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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PERKINS , WILLIAM ( fl. 1745-1776 ), Independent minister .

Nothing is known of his beginnings. According to Wilson 's lists (copy in N.L.W. MS. 373 ), there was a Perkins in Carmarthen Academy under Evan Davies in 1745 ; but Thomas Morgan does not mention him, and the records of the Presbyterian and Congregational Fund Boards have no mention of any grant made to him as a student; this however must not be taken as proof that he was not at the Academy; and it may be pointed out that his two immediate predecessors in his first pastorate ( Denbigh , 1767-9 ) were Carmarthen students. From 1770 till 1776 he was pastor of Pantycreuddyn (Cards.) and Pencader (Carms.) churches; the Congregational Fund on 4 Nov. 1776 is found grating an ‘ extraordinary supply, £5, to William Perkins , Pencader, Carms. ’ He was an able, eloquent, and popular preacher , but addicted to intemperance. His churches failed to induce him to mend his ways, and majority decisions inhibited him from his ministry; but factions in each church supported him. At Pencader , the Perkins party seceded to build a new chapel, Salem , at New Inn , some two miles away. But the trust deeds of Pencader chapel , which happened to be in the hands of one of Perkins 's party, revealed that the chapel was vested in the pastor , and accordingly Perkins was able to resume possession at Pencader — his opponents worshipped for some years in a private house near Cwmhwplin , but in 1785 built a new chapel at Pencader , with Jonathan Jones (q.v.) as pastor . Perkins 's cause quickly declined, and he sold his rights in the old chapel to the congregation. He removed to Kidwelly , and thence to London , where he became a customs officer , and d. at a date not known to us.


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Reverend John Dyfnallt Owen, M.A., (1873-1956), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959