Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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POWEL , CHARLES ( 1712 - 1796 ), antiquarian ,

the last in the male line of descent of the Powels of Castlemadoc , Brecknock , and ultimately descending from William Powel , a Welsh poet who flourished c. 1580-1620 . He was an antiquarian of more than usual merit, and corresponded with many of the leading antiquarians of his day. His researches into the antiquities of South Wales attracted the notice of John Strange who referred to some of Powel 's discoveries and theories in two papers read before the Society of Antiquaries in 1769 and 1775 , and subsequently published in Archaeologia , vols. i and v. [ Catherine Penry , heiress of Cefn Brith , was his wife.]


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John James Jones, M.A., (1892-1957), Aberystwyth

Published date: 1959