Dictionary of Welsh Biography

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PRICHARD , JOHN ( 1796 - 1875 ), Baptist minister and tutor ;

b. 25 March 1796 , son of John and Jane Prichard of Tan-y-graig , Llaneilian , Amlwch . The family moved to Llandudno where he worked in a mine until he had saved sufficient money to go to Toxteth Park school , Liverpool . He returned to Llandudno where, for some time, he kept a school . In 1816 he became a Baptist , and in 1819 began to preach . He went to Abergavenny College in 1821 , and in 1823 was ordained at Llangollen , where he remained for the rest of his life, John Jones ( Mathetes ) and Hugh Jones (qq.v.) being successively joint ministers with him. Before his retirement from the ministry in 1866 he had been responsible for starting a number of new churches in the district . In 1862 the Baptist College was established at Llangollen and John Prichard was invited to be its principal and divinity tutor , with Hugh Jones as the tutor in classics . He d. 7 Sept. 1875 . He was a preacher , teacher , writer , and lecturer . He rendered yeoman service to every humanitarian cause and addressed scores of meetings, held to promote temperance, peace, the abolition of slavery, free education, and the repeal of the corn laws . He published a number of catechisms and sermons, and one children's hymn-book . He wrote memoirs of Hugh Jones of Ruthin and Hugh Williams of Amlwch , and was a frequent contributor to the periodicals. He published his most important work, Diddymiad yr Hen Gyfamod a dygiad i mewn y Cyfamod Newydd , in 1869 . He was one of those chiefly responsible for starting Y Tyst Apostolaidd and Greal Llangollen , and he edited Yr Athraw for nearly half a century. He was respected as an able leader, a competent preacher , a wise theologian , and a good teacher .


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Reverend Principal Tom Ellis Jones, M.A., B.D., (1900-75), Bangor

Published date: 1959